Vission & Mission


To impart quality education to student in a conducive environment. Educational goals of academic excellence and personality development are realized through a progressively challenging curriculum that will facilitate the student to mould themselves into a proactive and productive global citizen.


Learn to enjoy life much better all the time :

  1. To laugh at all worries and to smile the troubles away
  2. To make things come right, and to get ready all the time
  3. To tackle all the problems that may face us year by year.

Our Goals & Aims

U.S Academy is the vision of our Chairman Mr. Jata Shankar Tripathi, to provide complete education to the youth, equipping them with three kinds of education-material, human and divine. This kind of wholesome education will prepare the students to face the challenges of life and will make them self independent, thus leading them to become world citizens. The school provides immense opportunities for academic excellence, which is the result of continuous and regular practice, inherent talent and development of creative and original thinking. Co-curricular

All studies and no play do make Jack a dull boy, keeping this in mind, complete opportunities are provided for co-curricular activities, hobbies and sports. Shaping our students to become total human being equipped with material, human and spiritual knowledge. As we keep in mind that in today's world we do not need only toppers but winners. And winners are those who excel, whose talents are fully developed and who have the courage and confidence to lead.

Priyanka Srivastava of Class VIII took part in the letter writing competition which was organized by the post office on 'Awareness on Aids'. The students of V-IX of the urban branch located at Vikas Nagar participated in a rally which was organized by the School on making the public aware on 'Ban of Polibags' and its nuisance on 24th December 2009. The students of this branch also participated in an Inter-class essay

  1. To impart education on public school lines keeping in view the Indian culture and global perspectives.
  2. To attempt at the total development of the individual child taking into consideration the psychological, physical & social needs of the child.
  3. To facilitate a child's self-exploration journey as he assumes the role of an individual, a social being of a global citizen.
  4. To foster creativity & cultivate positive attitude with an open minded approach forthe contemporary challenges.
  5. To develop in our children a love for learning.
  6. To lead by example and be good role model so that our students can imbibe our qualities.