Rules for Parents

Rules for Parents :

  1. Please ensure that your ward reports to school on the first day after school repent following a vacation.
  2. In case your ward fails to school on the first day, or requires a leave of absence from the school or comes late, an application has to be submitted to the Principal statingthe reason, and approval has to be taken in advance.
  3. The student must be retained at home and school sould be intinated,in case he/ she is suffering from any infection or contagious disease. On his/her reporting back,please ensure that he/she bring a medical fitness certification too.
  4. Leave application ounter signed by parents/guardians must be submitted in advance,to the Principal
  5. Please do not visit the school to meetyour ward or teachers during school hours without the Principal's permission.
  6. You are requested to co-operate with the school in instilling discipline and resgularity in you ward and seeing to it that he grows up to be an ideal student.
  7. Please attend all the PTM's without fail as per the scheduale.