Director Message

The Director - RAJESH MANI

A dream brought to reality by a soul dedicated to education. We have an environment, which fosters growth, learning and self knowledge. This school educates young boys and girls to this day and forms the corner stone of the U. S. Academy & Institute. Students today are competing in a rapidly changing world. Simply covering the syllabus is not our point, we equip our students with both a first – note education and the necessary practical skills to challenge today’s world. Also we emphasize integrity and cultural sensitivity so that our students may best serve the nation.


“What we do is just a drop of water in the ocean, but remember, the ocean could have been deprived of that little drop”

With round the clock security and helpful ground staff, students concentrate on their academic pursuits in a safe and secure environment. The management is quick to step in to address students concern and their well being is given paramount importance. Understanding that steady dependable guidance is essential for growing students, we provide counseling and guidance to the students as a part of the regular school programme. It includes a variety of group oriented activities designed to enhance students attitude and values. We also give individualized attention to a small group of students assisting them in specific educational, personal and career issues. The whole process of counseling orientation is development, preventive and crisis oriented.

U. S. Academy & Institute epitomizes new dimensions in education that transcends the physical, intellectual and spiritual realness and facilitates the transformation of every student into a socially committed, professionally competent and emotionally mature global citizen.


“Fuel, inspire and guard the shared vision”

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