• Riders of Quality in education

    In keeping with the school's ideal of service, the students are encouraged to volunteer in some aspects as community service before leaving U.S. Academy. The school arranges trips (outdoor education) to remote school that have been centered among the rural community and nature. All students are expected to spend some time in these remote schools to understand the nature of people and the environment. There are numerous opportunities to serve as student leaders at U.S. Academy for which they are given leadership training.

    Counseling Centre provides services in all possible area. The counseling process empathetically facilitates the students in times of emotional crisis by providing them with a range of coping strategies and interventions appropriates to their needs and situation. Counseling is provided at four level Individual, Groups, Family and Institution.

    To cater the overall development of the students nutritional counseling is provided to students and their parents . Our students are initiated into leading a healthy life through the "Health Week". During this week, medical experts visit the school and give guidance to our students by addressing various health related issues. Our Reverse Osmosis water treatment plant ensures that our children get pure drinking water and do not fall prey to water borne diseases. Our students are exposed to a variety of game like cricket, football, hockey, yoga, badminton, table tennis, basket-ball, aerobics, roller skating, chess as well as several indoor games. The school provides only First aid facilities. The school cannot be held responsible for any injury suffered by a child. No reimbursement of charges would be made towards any medical treatment.


We have our own fleet of modern buses, which make the journey very comfortable to and from the school.